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How to get massive free website traffic Hi, my name is Jerry J. Jensen. This blog will show you how to create massive wealth online by blogging. You can get free website traffic from google, yahoo and bing by getting your own blog. Because with a blog you can create an unlimited number of blog posts and each of your blog post listings can show up on google, yahoo and bing for specific keywords and phrases.

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You can get your own wordpress blog from host gator I host this wordpress blog from host gator. Host gator has great customer support 24/7 with a toll free 800 phone number. And host gator has many tutorial videos to help you set up your wordpress blog.

The wordpress theme that I use for this blog I got from Socrates

If you get a wordpress blog you can get many free and paid plugins to enhance the functioning of your blog. Once you create your wordpress blog you can search for plugins within the back office of your blog and a great free plugin is SEO by Yoast. That plugin will help you create a sitemap for your blog that you can submit to google and bing and to help google and bing find your blog and that plugin will also help you optimize your blog to be placed on google and yahoo and bing. When you submit your sitemap to bing it will be submitted to yahoo at the same time.

Whenever you update a post you’ll want to submit your URL or permalink to google fetch so each of your blog posts will be updated by google. For more details about google fetch go here

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Another free plugin that I highly recommend is a plugin called “pretty links” to cloak and track your affiliate links. Because if you got affiliate links on your blog the search engines might down rank your blog.

The pretty links plugin will enable you to cloak your affiliate links and track to see how many visitors that you get to your affiliate links and there will be an option to have your cloaked affiliate links to be followed or not followed by the search engines. You’ll want to select the “No Follow” option when you create your affiliate links with pretty links.

And you can sell stuff from your blog like I do from this blog. And every blog post that you create can be listed on google, yahoo and bing geared at specific keywords and phrases.

You can build a global business with your blog because google is all over the world. Every blog post that you create will generate it’s own unique URL and eventually you could have hundreds or even thousands of blog post listings on the first page of google bringing you massive amounts of FREE TRAFFIC everyday from google, yahoo and bing.

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