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youtube wealth

youtube wealth



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Hi, my name is Jerry Jensen welcome to my blog. You can create youtube wealth and you can have the opportunity to make big money with a wordpress blog like this blog.  Host Gator hosts this blog and the theme for this blog I got from  Socrates.

You can get free traffic from google by blogging and you can get free traffic with youtube videos as well. You can get free traffic from google by creating blog posts and each of your blog post listings will be submitted to google with the click of a single button.


youtube wealth


And you can create youtube videos and put a link to your blog under each of your videos and in your videos invite people to click the link below your videos. You can submit an unlimited number of videos for free and you can submit an unlimited number of blog posts to google for free.

Whenever you upload a video to youtube that video will also automatically be listed on google as well because google owns and manages youtube. And youtube videos and blogs will usually rank easier on google than websites.


youtube wealth


Because many people prefer to watch a video over reading text and the reason why blogs tend to rank on google better websites is because the content on websites is usually static and doesn’t change but with blogs you can create an unlimited number of blog posts with no additional costs other than the small cost of hosting your blog.

And google loves fresh new daily original content and so that’s why blogs and videos tend to rank on google better than websites. And there are so many features with a wordpress blog like this blog and once you learn how to use wordpress wordpress is so easy to use and you can access the back office of your wordpress blog anytime 24/7 from anywhere in the world as long as you can get internet access.


how to make money with youtube videos


And so by blogging daily by submitting atleast one blog post a day (more than one blog post a day is better) and by creating youtube videos you can create an avalanche of free traffic from google yahoo and bing. Just one video at youtube could get millions of views and your youtube video will be listed on google as well and you could also get thousands or even millions of hits to your blog from just one single blog post listing on google.

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And so blogging and youtube marketing have unlimited income potential.